Friday Faves: Spring Blooms

(Blogged while devouring Starbust jelly beans, confirming my obsession with sweets from last week's post.)

Let's be honest, my mom's the one with the green thumb. I'm slowly becoming more intrigued by the world of gardening, but I confess that I've hired someone (namely, my college brother) to help get our yard into shape. My husband Allen and I have spent several days over the past few months prepping our yard for spring, and it feels like Christmas seeing dormant plants come to life again. Really, it seems magical. So while this post is a Friday Faves, I'd say that the flowers are the fave and the actual gardening is not-so-much-a-fave.

I've shared a few photos from our yard and hope to share some from my mom's because her yard is a flower WONDERLAND like you would not believe. I have to say she comes by it honestly because both my grandmother and great-grandmother were (and are!) fabulous gardeners. Here's to hoping the green thumb didn't skip a generation!


Weeping Cherry Tree in full bloom.

I don't know the name of this pretty tree, but I love the pink blooms!


Forsythia tree in all its glory. I cut a few of these blooms for my mantle - so pretty!

Daffodils of all varities.

This ornamental pear tree is a beaut. The squirrels always beat us to the actual fruit, but the white blooms are gorgeous.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!