Friday Faves: Cascading Bouquets

Happy Friday!

I'm excited to share that one of our favorite floral designs is making a strong comeback in the bridal world: cascading bouquets. This elegant bouquet design is a true statement piece for a bride. We love the texture and variety of flowers we're able to incorporate into the free-flowing design of a waterfall bridal bouquet - they are true show-stoppers. The flowy bouquet design became extremely popular in the 1920's and 30's and then resurfaced in the 80's (thank you Princess Di!). We love working with brides to create a unique design that complements their style - every bride has a different vision, and that's why we LOVE our job as floral designers! No two bouquets are ever identical.

Is a cascading bouquet for you?

Not every bride loves a cascading bouquet. Brides should consider the design of their dress - are there embellishments or designs that a larger bouquet would conceal? A cascading bouquet can be shaped in a variety of sizes and shapes to coordinate with the feel of the wedding and the taste of the bride. Often times I think a cascading bouquet can nicely complement (and accentuate!) a dress to complete a regal, elegant look. Enjoy a handful of our cascading bouquets from recent weddings.

(Want to know who had the ultimate 80's cascading bouquet for her wedding? LISA! Looks like the style is coming full circle. Scroll down to see her cascading bouquet!)

{Kelsey & Nate}

{Leah Kraus Photography}

{Cardinal Rose Photography}

{Sam Hurd Photography}

I had to share. No question any longer about the name "Over the Top Flower Shop".

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Have a wonderful weekend!