Fall Bouquet Roundup

This has been a season of CONSULTATIONS for Over the Top! The past few weeks have been full of meetings with brides-to-be, and we’ve loved talking through wedding details and hearing our brides share about their wedding dreams. Almost every week you’ll hear my mom and I say to one another, “Every bride is so different!” as we assess a flower delivery and begin crafting the bouquets. It’s true: every bride we work with has a unique vision for her big day, which makes our work so much sweeter. We love the variety of preferences, and strive to make every floral detail reflective of the bride and groom and their hopes for the big day.

Today the warmer weather has us craving the fall feels, so I’m rounding up some of our favorite fall flowers to (hopefully) inspire you too! I love the variation of styles and colors, each floral collection different from the other. Autumn is quickly becoming our busiest time of the year - we recently had 3 brides request the same date in November 2018!! The deep colors, crisp air and early sunsets - really, what's not to love? We're just waiting patiently for this summer-like weather to calm. it. down.

Enjoy a few of our fall favorites! And we'd love to hear - what's your favorite fall style?

{Shannon Hennessy Photography}

{Kelsey & Nate}

{Karen Allen Photography}

{Warthan Farms Photography}

{Sharon Elizabeth Photography}